Morning Glory meme → 2 Faculty


"Who me? Sometimes feels like an eternity!"


mg relationships; hisao fukayama and jun fukayama

jun — i know you’re scared of leaving. but you shouldn’t be. we will still be together — and i will never let anything happen to you.


Morning Glories 30 Day Meme: 1/3 Truants: Irina

We are not going there to die, do you understand? We are going there to kill.


Morning Glories 30 Day Meme: 2/3 Glories: Hunter

Maybe we should just accept that I’m not cut out for this.


Morning Glory meme → 3 Truants

Ian Simon

"Either of you fellas fancy plotting an insurrection later? A little human sacrifice?"


mg relationships; ike and jade ellsworth

Trust me, I get he’s a sociopathic asshole. But…I dunno - he’s our sociopathic asshole, I guess. So if you wanna get him, whoever the hell you are - you gotta get through me first.


mg relationships; akiko and ian simon

miss you, jerkface.


Morning Glory meme → 3 glories


"Keep your voice down and follow me."


mg relationships; casey blevins and hunter

we just lived through the most cliched moment in romantic comedy history. i don’t wanna see your face. because then, whenever i see you, it’ll be this thing. like, that’s the guy i’m supposed to be with, ‘cause we had that moment, with the papers and the head bump…and i’m sorry, i just don’t have the time for something like that, you know? i’m just not ready for a will they, won’t they thing, so look, just - just shake my hand. good. now walk away, forever.